Dr. Howard Guss and Dr. Gagan Beri

Dr. Guss and Dr. BeriThe gastroenterology practice of Dr. Howard Guss and Dr. Gagan Beri is one of New Jersey’s leading treatment providers for gastrointestinal disorders in adults. A large part of our stellar reputation lies in our ability to detect digestive conditions that are typically difficult to uncover. We are skilled and thorough diagnosticians, often a lost art in today’s medical practice and one that sets us apart from other similar gastroenterology practices. We’re committed to finding definitive answers to our patients’ gastrointestinal problems to offer therapeutic options that best meet their individual needs. Our diagnostic and treatment capabilities are so well respected that colleagues and their families and friends frequently trust us with their gastrointestinal health, and we’re often consulted for second and even third opinions.

Nurse and PatientOur Community Commitment

Dr. Howard N. Guss and Dr. Gagan D. Beri have served the community for more than a combined 20 years and have developed a unique expertise in the full spectrum of gastrointestinal disorders—from Celiac Disease and Colitis to Barrett’s esophagus and Irritable Bowel Syndrome—as well as Colon Cancer Screening, Nonsurgical Hemorrhoid Therapy and a host of advanced procedures. We were one of the first gastrointestinal practice in NJ to provide Barrx Halo ablation therapy, which prevents Barrett’s esophagus from becoming a cancerous condition. We also are the only practice in the area trained in prescribing Lotronex, a medication to control the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Dr. Beri and Dr. GussOur Physicians

Our board certified, highly experienced NJ gastroenterologists, Dr. Howard N. Guss and Dr. Gagan D. Beri, excel in improving patients’ lives by taking an individualized approach to care and perform over 3,500 gastrointestinal procedures annually. They work closely with one another in treatment planning and specialize in different areas of gastrointestinal medicine to offer patients a comprehensive slate of medical services. They also provide hospital follow-up and collaborate with an affiliated network of experts in cardiology, surgery, nutrition, physical therapy, biofeedback, smoking cessation and weight management—all to ensure that patients receive both continuity of care and the full continuum of care necessary to remedy their gastrointestinal problems. When urgent referrals are needed to other specialists, Dr. Guss and Dr. Beri personally arrange consultations on behalf of our patients.

OfficeOur Office and Patient Care

Our newly renovated office is comfortable, homelike and handicap accessible, offers onsite parking, and is conveniently located near the Garden State Parkway and Routes 18, 35 and 66. We feature private consultation rooms, onsite phlebotomy (blood drawing), in-office Infrared Photocoagulation for hemorrhoid treatment and Breath Testing for functional bowel disorders, and an electronic medical records system that reminds patients of appointments and sends prescriptions to pharmacies. And our friendly, caring staff has more than a 100 years of combined experience in helping patients navigate the appointment, billing and insurance processes—we even have an in-house insurance specialist to assist you. You’ll always be greeted by a cheery live voice when you call us on the phone, as well as when we call you to answer your questions and check how you are doing after undergoing a gastrointestinal procedure.

We’ll always go the extra mile to help you feel well. Come see us for the finest gastrointestinal care in New Jersey.

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