Celiac Disease – A Missed Diagnosis

I wanted to share an interesting article on celiac disease that was presented recently in the Well Blog section of the NY Times. I felt it raised a few very important points regarding celiac sprue, namely:

1.  The disease tends to run in families and first degree relatives of patients with celiac disease should be tested for the condition even without symptoms as they have an exceedingly high risk of having the condition

2.  Not all endoscopies are Equal:  Adequate number of biopsies are paramount on endoscopy otherwise the disease will be missed. 2 biopsies are simply not enough. We must obtain 6-8 biopsies as the condition may be present in a patchy distribution

3.  Atypical symptoms such as constipation can be present. We must still consider the disease.  Class symptoms such as abdominal pain, anemia, or diarrhea may be absent. Infact some patients have no symptoms at all

Please review, I think you will find it an interesting read.

Gagan Beri MD

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